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Bryant Ruano

Bryant A. Ruano, CEPA®, CVGA®

Wealth Advisor

In 2023, I joined Imperio Wealth Advisors; we have been drawn together by our shared core belief system. The intricacies of wealth planning can be daunting; however, we understand that the most valuable conversations with our clients are the ones that resonate with their specific needs. Our success is built on the foundation of simplifying complex planning for our clients and their heirs.

My journey into the financial services world began with Park Avenue Securities, and I also worked at MML Investors Services and VIM Global Advisors. Working with a diverse group of clients during that time helped me discover my true passion. Today, I primarily focus on assisting successful individuals, business owners and their families. Each individual and business is unique, but a common thread emerges: successful businesses and individuals often lack a comprehensive understanding of investment and tax management strategies.

After my experiences with large institutions, I recognized the need to personalize my service and expand my offerings. This led me to join a firm that combines the support and infrastructure of a large institution with the personalized touch that only boutique firms can provide.

Driven by an unwavering passion, I constantly seek to enhance my knowledge through ongoing education. My certifications as a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA®) and a Certified Value Growth Advisor® (CVGA®) empower me to communicate effectively with my clients’ trusted advisory teams as they navigate business growth and make crucial decisions about ownership transitions.

In my work, I place great importance on aligning my clients’ investment philosophy with their deeply held values, nurturing a trusting relationship that helps them achieve their personal, family and financial goals.

When not immersed in the financial world, I find joy in South Miami, where I currently reside. My life is enriched by the love and companionship of my cherished wife and our two brilliant and beautiful daughters. We share a passion for spending quality time with our friends and family, creating lasting memories during our travels, as well as our youngest family member, the endearing furbaby named Puchi.

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