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Imperio Wealth Advisors was founded with the desire to take an intentional, structured approach to wealth advice for highly compensated entrepreneurs and professionals. The name Imperio translates as “Empire” across a few languages and speaks to the reality that entrepreneurs and executives set out to “rule their domain” across one or multiple enterprises. Therefore, it is essential that we seek to deploy the best solutions to maintain dominion over your hard-earned wealth to achieve your goals.

When you work with our firm, together, we’ll help you take control by implementing strategies designed to reduce tax overpayments, grow asset and wealth accumulation as well as prioritize protection and efficient distribution of wealth.

For example, wealth planning for high earners requires innovation around implementing retirement savings. Contributions to traditional retirement plans, such as 401(k)s, won’t move the needle. We leverage defined benefit plans such as cash balance and private pensions for entrepreneurs looking to save a substantial amount for retirement. In addition, using trusts and other legal structures, our goal is to significantly improve the protection of your assets from creditors and predators.

In addition, we can collaborate with tax professionals who offer complex, year-round, proactive tax planning to help our clients keep more of what they earn. We can also leverage the legal expertise of our network and help increase the privacy of our clients’ assets by advising on the most efficient legal structures to protect their wealth. Due to the unique nature of their incomes and tax and liability exposure, we believe the average approach to wealth advice won’t suffice, so we, in turn, provide alternatives focused on maximizing savings to facilitate early retirement.

We believe that long-lasting relationships with our clients are built on mutually beneficial transparency and integrity. For that reason, we at all times act in our clients’ best interests to help them create a secure financial future.

Our Professional Wealth Advisors

Omar A Morillo

Omar A. Morillo,

Founder/Wealth Advisor

Phil Paret

Phillipe E. Paret, CFP® CHFC® CVGA® CEPA® CLU®

Wealth Advisor

Bryant Ruano

Bryant A. Ruano, CEPA®, CVGA®

Wealth Advisor

Stefan Marrero


Client Service Associate

Cristina Bello


Operations Manager

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